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THE DARK CAROUSEL is a series of four books. Dollhouse, Paper Dolls, Marionette and Music Box.

They are Gothic adventures with a strong touch of horror. Surreal and thrilling. For ages 14-adult.

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(Comp will run until midnight January 14, 2015. *See terms and conditions below)

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THIRTEEN is a short story prequel with a free sample of the following book, DOLLHOUSE. Pick it up for FREE at Amazon, iTunes, Nook and Kobo.

DOLLHOUSE is a story of three friends who follow after a runaway friend who disappeared in the woods. They discover a macabre, life-size dollhouse beneath an old decaying mansion in the middle of the forest–and too late do they discover there is no way out.   Amazon  iTunes Nook 




A bird

A jack-in-the-box

5 carousel horses

(Not necessary to enter the competition)


Terms & Conditions of competition entry

Must ‘like’ the Facebook promotion post

Must comment on related Facebook post with any item you find in the picture. (Example: teddy bear)

Winning is not conditional on the content of your reply.

Competition will end January 14, 2015

Prize is a $20 Amazon giftcard.

You must be over 18 and have an Amazon account to enter this comp.

Prize winner will be drawn from comments using

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Draw results: http;//
(The first result in the random list is the winner.) list

List Randomizer

There were 74 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Nicole Lynn Wehrkamp bird
Hailey M. Goodwin Jack in the box.
Kayla Joy Tea cup
Kalie Strickling Tea cup and saucer.
Frances Ludkin-Boult Carousel horse in the night sky
Kate Hurtado Vargas The carrousel horas in the soy through the window
Jeremy Coleman The tea cup
Brenda Telford Though you said ITEM, so the clock
Taylor Ferguson Clock
Kira Mattox Super creepy doll!
Michelle Odland Clock
Chelsea Leah Fitzgerald Clock
Susan Hamilton Meyers clock
Rebecca Evans Jack in the Box
Margaret Skipper Tea cup.
Fiza Halliwell creepy doll
Rachel Rueger Wallace Crow
Kim Baker Bird
Laura Dogsmom sharp beaked bird sitting on top of door
Ariana Macias I see the carousel horse and the creepy doll.
Merced Anee Medina Music box & Marriotte
Jessica Parsons bird on the door
Jenna N. Waller the clock
Sara Miller The clown
Katie Boettcher Vaughan Doll
Kirsty Ede Clock
Courtney Marie Teacup and saucer
Paula MacGregor carousel horses
Heather Drury Schroeder Teacup
Amy Saben O’Rourke What looks like bubbles coming from the clock
Candice Streett Top hat
Mandy Brown The clock
Sedia Hebert Teacup
Chelsea Leah Fitzgerald Carousel house
Miranda Kowalski Top hat
Denise Rand Huebner Tea cup and saucer
Victoria Lopez Tea cup Sarah Vesper
Sarah Vesper Clock Victoria Marchi-Lopez
Kate Lee-Archer Top hat
Darlene Quiroz Music Box!!
Frances Ludkin-Boult Oh someones said that, the painting then.
Curina Cooper The clock
Amanda Musarro Carousel horse
Louise Tennant Creepy doll! Freaked me out on close up!
Vern Eichelberger A bird on top of the door
Shirley Chatland Music box or jack in the box
Alison Teis the clock
Colleen Feagan Jack-in-the-box
Denise Williams Jessamine!!
Maria DeSouza What looks like eyes peeking from the picture frame? If it’s even a frame, could be a portal!
Kennedy Simpson The beautiful painting on the wall
Rachel Meinel Carousel horse :0)
Laura Dogsmom fun contest
Susan McGivney Jack in the box
Esperanza Garcia Gailliard I found a mirror that looks like an owl that leads to another world.
Megzy Taylor Horse outside
Anna Lennon Carousel horse
Ishaa Darr Top hat
Debra Jo Derbyshire Burnette Carousel Horses
Tomra Small Painting
Jamie Graveling Clown doll
Debra Jo Derbyshire Burnette Tea cup
Amber Degges carousel horse
Katherine Ivan I spy a carousel horse outside the window, waiting to take a dreamer on a flight through the night sky
Jamie Stites Teddy bear.
Lori Mitchell Weird creepy doll
Samantha Schreiber-Garland Clock
Steph Destiny painting
Dawn House Clock
Sabrina S Wells Tree silhouette on ceiling.
Natasha Amara Newby The crow/ bird sitting on the window frame
Maggie Irene Carousel horse in the clouds outside the window
Megan Curran The horse outside of the window
Amanda Catoe Horse in the door

Timestamp: 2015-01-14 23:11:37 UTC


Graphic credits: (background) (creepy doll) (picture in frame) (scabby old crow) (jack in the box & clown doll) (teddy bear)

http://rick– (clock)

Other images from Fotalia and Dreamstime.