Sera Finn is eleven when she’s first brought from the Newberry Children’s Home in Sydney to Lake Ephemeral. She’s due to meet a mother she’d never known she had. She finds out her real name is Seraphin Ferón.

She discovers the mysterious valley of Lake Ephemeral, where seven mansions surround a lake and where the children have strange eyes, just like Sera.

She also finds out that the valley is plagued by a massive species of carnivorous plant–named the Coffin Flower, capable of consuming humans. No one can answer Sera the riddle of why the residents stay at Lake Ephemeral year after year and why no one ever leaves.

When one of the children becomes critically ill, the adults don’t take her out of Lake Ephemeral to a hospital. Sera begins to suspect that the valley has terrible plans in store for the children and she makes a desperate plan to escape.

Ages 14+




“The novel is gripping, intense and eerie – a fabulous intersection of weirdness by scientists who had no hesitation in experimenting on children, and the consequences of their actions. I have no hesitation in recommending Lake Ephemeral highly.”

Brenda Telford  Goodreads librarian


“I like the twists, awesome read! couldn’t put it down had to binge read it, I hope there will be more lake Ephemeral books to come!”



“I love Anya’s style of writing. She has a fabulous imagination and always surprises and stimulates my mind.
I adored this tale, please keep writing such beautiful, strange stories.”



“Such an amazing book! The worlds Allyn creates in her books are so unique and compelling. I didn’t want this book to end. I loved the characters! If you read this Anya, please write a prequel and sequel to this and the Dark Carousel series. Which I also can’t express enough how much I loved!”

Emmy WG


“The story is everything I’ve come to expect from Anya Allyn… incredible suspense, plot twists, several concurrent storylines, and great writing. I loved how the resolution unwinds slowly… you really don’t see the full picture until the very end.”



“The protagonist Sera is a very active young girl who sucks you in into her world. She makes you part of her story and you can’t wait to see what’s in store for the group of six in Lake Ephemeral. You grow up with them and find it hard and shocking what unravels in that lake. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is looking for something thrilling to read Anya keeps you in the edge of your seat in suspense.”



“This kept me guessing until the very end. I loved this book and the themes were so different than what I went into it expecting. Recommend this for a quick adult read and for YA readers.”



“This was a well-written novel that kept my attention through its story-telling and sense of mystery,  keeping me off-balance for much of the time.”

HS Writing


“Loved this book. Crazy, different, I hope the story continues !”



“It’s dark, thrilling and such a fun read. I definitely recommend this, along with any other of Allyn’s books.”

Andria Porter


“Well written story that draws the reader in. Can’t wait for the next book.”

Deborah Cox