Genre: Science Fiction Thriller
Series No.: Standalone novel (includes and follows on from Part 1)
Series Title: Release Date: 1 April 2015


The isolated, tropical valley of Lake Ephemeral should have been a paradise.
Instead, it’s hiding a dark secret. The children who live there are the unknowing subjects of scientific experiments.
Seraphin is first brought to the valley as an orphan. She’s told she was kidnapped from the valley when she was five and now she’s being returned. But Seraphin has no memory of Lake Ephemeral.
Seraphin matures from a child to age seventeen at the lake, increasingly drawn to wild boy Kite–one of the five other children. When she overhears the scientists talking about the mysterious transformation that the children are about to undergo, she’s desperate to find out what it is. But first, she’ll need to escape the high, electric fences of Lake Ephemeral.
“….this novel was unique and interesting and exciting from beginning to end. One part mystery, one part thriller, one part science fiction with a particular emphasis on the science. It was truly a gem to find.”
Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈ 
spooky laboratory at Lake ephemeral

Spooky laboratory at Lake Ephemeral