It’s been a long road to, well, getting the Dollhouse books back on the road. I loved the original versions, but I’m so proud of the new versions of both Dollhouse and Paper Dolls.

The series is now re-named as The Dark Carousel. I think this sums up the experience of the books so well, especially the overarching theme. At its essence, the theme is a circle and cycles – all the things I ponder on when I think about life and our place in the universe. The image of a carousel is important to the theme – so watch out for carousel imagery on books 3 and 4 (soon to come!)

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If you’re about to read Paper Dolls, I hope you enjoy!

Nook (B&N): to follow 🙂

After the dark despair of the Dollhouse, Cassie believes she has found the way back to her former life. But once you’ve ventured into the underground, the spirits will never release you. She makes the terrifying discovery of just how deep and far-reaching their hold on her is.

In a dual storyline set in 1920, a clairvoyant tells 14-year-old circus performer, Jessamine, that she is soon to die an unnatural death. With her grandfather spending the last of his circus fortunes on dark magic and with Mr. Baldcott chasing her for an agreement to a marriage proposal, Jessamine doesn’t know who to turn to. Then a circus train derailment changes everything…

Paper Dolls is a re-release of the original Paper Dolls, pre-May 2014. It follows on from the new version of Dollhouse, May 20 2014, only. It does not follow on from the original Dollhouse book.)