Music inspiration


The following music helped inspire the writing of my books.

Pan’s Labyrinth – Lullaby (Music Box)

From an unusual, tragic, richly-textured movie that I love.
Lux Aeterna – Clint Mansell

From another amazing film – Requiem for a Dream.
Skinny Love – Birdy

Such a beautiful tune and voice. The lyrics are filled with regret and longing, and the video itself particularly relates to the first Dollhouse book.
Chopin Nocturne #20 C Sharp Minor

This piece of music ‘plays’ an important part in the Dollhouse books. I chose this video with five-year-old Tiffany Koo playing, as she’s just incredible!
Strong – London Grammar

London Grammar are just incredible.
Death is the road to awe – Clint Mansell

From the movie, The Fountain. I haven’t seen it, but this music makes me want to! The accompanying video is not from the movie, as far as I can tell – but I love the cliffs and ocean. It very much relates to books 3 and 4 of Dollhouse. (The video could have had less woman-in-pretty-dress-jumps-into-water scenes though 😉 )
The Fountain was directed by Darren Aronofsky, who also directed Requiem For a Dream. And the film score was by Clint Mansell, who also wrote the score for Requiem For a Dream.
I think I see a theme here on the kind of music & movies I like 🙂
Hungarian suicide song-Gloomy Sunday (Sarah McLachlan)

Simply beautiful – tragic but beautiful. I love Bjork and Sinead O’Connor’s versions of this song too, but Sarah’s is my favourite.
‘The Hungarian Suicide Song’ was published in 1933 pianist and composer Rezső Seress under the title ‘Vége a világnak’ (End of the world).
Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan Silence

An old favourite. Can never tire of this song. It’s so serene and amazing. Of course, everything Delerium and Sarah McLachlan does is amazing…
Quiet Slumber – PerpetualDusk09

This is perfect. Has an eerie, music box sound.
PerpetualDusk09 have lots of great music – look them up!

Bewitched Carousel – Lloyd Mitchell

Absolutely love this. As I rewrite Dollhouse 1. (in December 2013) this forms part of my ‘background music’:)
There is no weird little goblin man with a whip in Dollhouse though (perhaps unfortunately 😉 )
Portishead – Wandering Star

Portishead have such an ethereal sound – I love them. Shown here live at the 2005 tsunami benefit. This song is named after the biblical, ‘wandering stars’ that have the ‘blackness of darkness’ of the universe reserved for them forever. In Dollhouse Books 3. and .4, a cult uses that passage from the Bible to try to prevent Cassie from ever returning home.
Throughout the Dollhouse series, Cassie is indeed, a wandering star.