I’ve been nominated by the wonderful author of the upcoming exciting YA book, THORNJACK (a re-telling of a Scottish ballad), Katherine Harbour for an Inspiring Blogger Award.

See 7 cool things about Katherine here. I love it that she once saw a ghost! Eek! I write about them but have never seen one!

Thorn Jack


So, now I have to list 7 things about myself.

Here goes: 🙂


1. I like dipping hot French Fries in ice-cream sundaes (ice-cream makes me sick so I rarely have it though!)

2. The last book I read was Gone Girl. I took it with me on my kindle when my partner surprised me with 3 days away at Darling Harbour (Sydney) this month. It was a very dark and twisted read. I sat reading and looking over the beautiful harbour – bliss! I kept wondering why it was taking me so long to read it though, as I’m a quick reader, then afterwards discovered it was almost 600 pages long. 600 pages people! :O

3. When I was a kid, I used to sneak out after I was put to bed and watch the old-style horror/vampire movies on TV that used to always be screening. Then I’d have terrifying nightmares. But I still kept watching ’em!

4. I sometimes wear my clothing inside out. More often than I’d like to admit.

5. I like reading science sites and read the articles every week. I used to want to be a scientist when I was growing up (or an author…)

6. As a kid, I’d make up plays complete with characters and do all the voices, and sit out the swing and speak the play to myself. I was an extremely weird kid…

7. My handwriting has grown atrocious. I so rarely handwrite anything anymore, it feels alien when I do.


And now my job is to nominate 10 inspiring bloggers. Here they are!:


1.) Sarah Dalton: http://www.sarahdaltonbooks.com/

She writes creepy YA books, like me. Just the name of one of her books, Mary Hades, gives you shivers! Snuggle up by the fire and be deliciously chilled…

2) H.S.Stonehttp://hswriting.blogspot.com.au/

Writer of a lot of wonderful books, including this new one – A House in the Woods!! (Fantastic fairytale retellings) Head into the woods today for a fun read!


3) Sutton Shields: http://suttonshields.blogspot.com.au/

Sutton writes a fun, totally engaging series called The Merworld Water Wars. Mermaids and mermen. It’s on! Go and join in!


4) Susan Fodor: http://www.susanfodor.com/

How intriguing is that cover! Susan’s book is about a senior year at school, a big beach party and a girl who rescues a drowning boy. Want to know more!?



5) Jamie Campbell: http://jamiecampbell.com.au/current-releases/

Australian writer, Jamie has a written a dazzling number of  great YA books – everything from aliens to contemporary. Take a look for yourself!



6) Marijon Braden: https://smokewingsandstone.wordpress.com/

Marijon’s first book is  so unique and wonderful! A story of the paranormal – gargoyles! See them come to life in Smoke, Wings and Stone.



7) Zoe Cannon: http://www.zoecannon.com/

Zoe writes dark, gritty YA – filled with dystopian visions. If you’re in the mood for something dark and meaningful (and who isn’t!), head here!



8) Katie Hayoz: http://www.katiehayoz.com/p/blog-page_3.html

Katie’s Untethered series involves love and jealousy – and astral projection! What’s not to love? You have to head to Katie’s site to see a large image of that beautiful cover alone!


9) Ariele Sieling: http://www.arielesieling.com/

Ariele writes fantastic YA sci fi (with seriously amazing covers and titles).  If you like mystery and hidden worlds, go take a look!



10) Celestial: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NCN1O3E/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

Who is Celestial? Who is this mysterious person? Does she live up among the stars? What does she write? Well, she is many authors and many tales. She is all of the above 9 authors, in fact (and also me 😀 😉 ). Seek out her tales about a mysterious comet at the above link 🙂