At long last – here they are!

The CREEP YOURSELF OUT photomanipulations!

In January, I did a draw to pick three unsuspecting victims readers and put their photos in scenes from The Dark Carousel series.

The scenes are loose representations rather than strict representations drawn directly from descriptions in the books. I’m not an expert in photo manipulations, but they were fun to do, and I have to thank the three people below for taking part in this: Paula, Karen and Samantha.

Photo Manipulation 1: Paula

Paula sent me this lovely photo of herself in her wedding dress. I have never coloured in a black and white image before, but I gave it a go. If you’ve read as far as Book 3 of The Dark Carousel series (Marionette) you’ll know the creepy wedding scene at the chapel on the grounds of the French castle. Who is Paula in this scene? One of the brides of that eerie night ….



Paula crop


Photo Manipulation 2: Karen

I met Karen once in real life many years ago. We belonged to the same parenting website. I was surprised to discover last year that she’s a reader of my books!
I remember she had the most gorgeous flowing hair (and still does – it’s in a shorter style in this photo) and I tried to recreate that in this photomanip. Oh, and this is a scene from a balcony of the French castle. Who is it? One of the castle’s colourful residents of course 🙂

imageKaren March cropKaren March

Photo Manipulation 3: Samantha

We started off with Samantha in jeans and a jacket in the snow (a scene from the ice world) but then we swapped to Samantha in this very cute red dress. Samantha also liked the thought of very long hair, so I went wild with the hair! If you’ve read as far as book #4, you’ll recognise the black pedestal at the edge of the ocean cave. Who is Samantha? She could be one of the young set from the castle who has come down hoping to catch a glimpse of the serpent empress 🙂

samantha dressTDC Samantha2 - crop
TDC Samantha2

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Image 1:

Gothic chapel:


Dandelion field:

Dandelion brush: Dandelions_and__Seeds_Brushes_by_redheadstock (

Wedding dress train:

Hair: paid resource


Image 2:



Hair 1:

Hair 2: paid resource



Image 3:


Stone arch:


Stone pedestal:

Hair: paid resource

Ocean: paid resource

Fractal: Cannot find link! If anyone can help me out, it’s from deviantart:

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