Lake Ephemeral

Lake Ephemeral is an eerie, romantic mystery, in serial format.

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Seven manors surround Lake Ephemeral, and their residents are hiding terrifying secrets.

Eighteen-year-old Seraphin Ferron arrived at Lake Ephemeral as an eleven-year-old orphan, to meet a mother she’d never known she had.

At first, the valley seemed a wild place of wonder and liberty. The five children who lived here were free to do as they pleased. Children with intense eyes and wild hearts, including the boy with the wildest heart of all—Kite.

But Seraphin soon discovers that the vast estate is plagued by an exotic, massive species of carnivorous flower—named the Coffin Flower, capable of consuming humans.

No one can answer Seraphin the riddle of why the residents stay year after year, and why no one ever leaves. Or why they cultivate the very flower that killed two of them in the past, including Seraphin’s father.

She’s no longer waiting for answers. It’s time to flee. But the lake is not prepared to give up one of its own so easily.


Genre: Sci Fi Mystery. Due to the sci fi elements, there is light horror. The horror is not graphic or intense. In later volumes, where Seraphin grows from a child to an eighteen-year-old, there are romantic elements. Advised for readers 16+


How can I find out out more?

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This is where you all voted for me to write a spooky, romantic mystery/thriller next (hence, Lake Ephemeral. This vote only just edged out me writing a dystopian)

And this is where we talked about it being released as a serial.

(Please go gently on me with the romance side of things – it takes me a while to warm up to writing romance, and so you’ll need to wait until Seraphin grows up to get to the romance 😉 If you’ve read the Dollhouse books (now  titled The Dark Carousel series) you’ll know just how long it took for Ethan to tell Cassie he loves her (which is almost to the end of the 4th book). Don’t hate on me for that 🙂


What will the final cost of the serial be?

Each part will consist of 50 pages (approx  15,000 words each part). Each part will be $1. Total cost will be $4.99


Do I have to read it as a serial?

No, I recognise that some readers will prefer to read it all in one sitting. Lake Ephemeral will be coming out as a box set after all parts are published, for $4.99.


Reader Feedback:

Lake Ephemeral will be published in five short parts, and will respond to reader feedback along the way – meaning that if you have a suggestion for the story, if possible, the story might incorporate your suggestion!

Each part of the story is already plotted, all the way to the end,  but not so rigidly that it can’t adapt to feedback and ideas.


Who is the cover designer?:

Wesley Souza

Full credits of elements used by Wesley Souza in his design: – Elena Schweitzer/ serg v/ Patrick Poendl/ Malleni stock/ kuiwi/Tracy Williams Photography/Ybsilon Stock/ Alz Stock/ Eve Livesey/Lifeonwhite/ Raglean Cristian/ Wayne/ Piolka



Part 1:  Released

Part 2: Released

Part 3: Released

Part 4: Released

Part 5: January 2015