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A Fast-Five interview with Lauren Oliver about Dollhouse!

A Fast-Five interview with the primary editor and publisher of my book, DOLLHOUSE — author Lauren Oliver.
Editing Dollhouse with Lauren was tough but rewarding. I think the goal of most writers is to continually

Paper Dolls release!

It’s been a long road to, well, getting the Dollhouse books back on the road. I loved the original versions, but I’m so proud of the new versions of both Dollhouse and Paper Dolls.


Lake Ephemeral is out now!

My new serial, Lake Ephemeral, has just been released :)

Link: Amazon

As a whole, the series is a little bit chilling, a little bit romantic and quite a bit sci fi. I hope you enjoy it

To serialise or not serialise

I’m considering serialising my next story and I’d really like to know what you think of serialised fiction.

My story is an eerie romance/mystery with light sci fi/horror elements, named Lake Ephemeral. I think it would

The Genre Dilemma (#IWSG)

So, yay, my first post as part of the Insecure Writers’ Group :) For ages, I’ve noticed people in my writing world posting as part of this group (Susan Kaye Quinn for one). It’s an author-to-author support

Dollhouse: The old and new versions

I’ve had a lot of emails and questions from readers of the original Dollhouse series asking how the new version of Dollhouse is different to the original. Some have read the new version and

Woo! Dollhouse release day!

Woot for release day!!

I hope Dollhouse scares you under your bed! Well, not really, unless you like that kind of thing :D

Dollhouse has a new (and very spine-tingling) video, which was revealed exclusively at

PLL’s Twisted May Giveaway!

This May, Paper Lantern Lit are celebrating the release of DOLLHOUSE with a giveaway of 10 incredible YA eBooks!!




DOLLHOUSE by Anya Allyn plus   1. Panic by Lauren Oliver 2. Half Bad by Sally Green 3.

Wendy Higgins New Release, Sweet Reckoning

If you like stories about light and dark, angels and an incredible romance, you’ve probably read Wendy Higgin’s SWEET EVIL trilogy. If you haven’t read them, you’ll be blown away!

Sweet Reckoning is the third